Somehow you’ve managed to stumble upon my blog—welcome! My name is Luke Dockery.

In addition to being the author of The Doc File, I am privileged to serve as Associate Minister at the Farmington Church of Christ, and am als
o a theology graduate student. I have been married to Caroline (who is my favorite person in the world) for over six years now, and as of December 2011, we are parents to a baby girl, Kinsley (who is an absolute joy).
I love to play ultimate frisbee, I am a huge sports fan (particularly of the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Atlanta Braves), I enjoy reading, and I like to dabble in photography and graphic design.
I also enjoy writing, and like a lot of people, I suffer from the delusion that my insights are, well, insightful, and maybe even worth reading. Thus, this blog.
I suppose Dockerys have been called “Doc” for generations, and that nickname provides the title for this blog. The Doc File is basically a scattered collection of my musings, reactions, and rants on a variety of subjects, including theology, politics, sports, books, and more. I hope you enjoy and are challenged by what you read, and encourage your feedback and comments (but please, keep it clean).
Disclaimers: The views expressed in this blog are mine alone, and are not intended to represent my wife, my family, the church family that employs me, or anyone else. Also, despite the image that appears in the header of this page, I don’t actually use a typewriter to produce this blog, and am not entirely sure how to use one at all. I just liked how the picture looked (the image above was made with the assistance of this image, available via a Creative Commons license from Flikr user Jay Hilgert).