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Walking to Kansas City

Back in April, I mentioned here on the blog that I had begun the practice of walking laps in the church auditorium while doing reading for grad school or preparation for Bible classes, sermons, etc. Once I started taking Hebrew in the fall, I realized that this also worked well for memorizing vocabulary words, and I continued to walk quite a few laps each week.

I have gotten some jokes about ruining the carpet in the auditorium or wearing grooves into the floor, but I have kept at it, partially because I know the exercise is good for me, and partially because it helps me stay alert and read better (than if I’m reclining in my chair or lying on my couch).

Being the person that I am, I kept meticulous records of the number of laps I walked each day, and man, it is amazing how it all adds up! Keep in mind that I didn’t start doing this until April and therefore missed out on 1/4 of the year:

Total Laps in 2013: 5608

Distance per Lap: approximately 74 yards

Total Distance: 235.8 miles

What all of this means is that in 2013, while at work (and while actually doing work), I did the equivalent of traveling from Fayetteville, Arkansas, to Kansas City, Missouri on foot. Pretty cool.

I am excited to see how many laps I can accumulate in a full year!


  1. Mike Raine

    Luke if you have walked to Missouri, please walk fast and come home. You have classes to teach Sunday. Well done Luke. I read some articles on standing desks. No chairs, you stand while you work. Keep it up.

  2. Luke

    I’ve read about standing desks as well and have been intrigued by them. For me personally, I have noticed that I get bored/tired standing up sooner than I do if I’m walking around.
    You should build one and put it in your office to try it out!

  3. Justin Bland

    any predications? you should try to walk the Oregon Trail. Every fews days you’ll need to carry 100lbs of something to represent a buffalo kill (because you could only carry 100 pounds of a 900 pound buffalo, what a waste!). You’d get stronger AND it would be a more real simulation…

    … the more I think about that the better the idea is, seriously. Look into putting weights in a backpack or something!

  4. Luke

    Ha, love the Oregon Trail reference. I am intrigued by the idea of wearing a weighted backpack. Since you’re big on functionality, I should cram it full with my laptop, textbooks, etc.

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