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Lessons from David: An Introduction

Lessons from David

David stands as one of the most famous and most popular characters of the entire Bible: He is a hero in both the Jewish and Christian faiths, and is famous both for his feats in battle prior to his kingship, and for arguably being Israel’s greatest king.

He is clearly a key figure in Scripture: in fact, more of the Bible is devoted to telling the life and actions of David than anyone other than Jesus and Moses.

Even in a culture such as ours which has become largely ignorant of the contents of Scripture, most people are at least somewhat familiar with the character of David. The famous story of David and Goliath has even become a cultural metaphor; in a sporting event (especially like the NCAA Basketball Tournament) when you have two teams playing each other where one team is perceived to be much better than the other, it will often be referred to as a David and Goliath matchup.

David’s life comprised an important link in the history of Israel and also the history of God’s redemption, but it also provides a lot of lessons which are good for us to remember. It was a life characterized by remarkable peaks and painful valleys, and over the next couple of weeks I’d like to take care of some of the lessons we can learn from it.


  1. Mike Raine

    One aspect of David’s and other bible heroes lives, I haven’t been able to nail down, why did God allow them multiplicity of wives and even bless them in those relationships? I do know any man with more than one wife has trouble. But I know some men with just one wife that have trouble. One thing I do know about David from Psm. 139 and 51, he couldn’t stand the thought of living without God’s Spirit in his life. What a beautiful thought.

  2. Bill Hooten

    Luke, I have several books on the Life of David (Lynn Anderson, Max Lucado, Eugene Petersen, Charles Swindoll, Gene Getz, and others) if you would like to use them in this study.

  3. Luke


    I understand and agree with you. God certainly blesses us despite our foolish decisions at times.

  4. Luke


    These posts are actually coming from a series that I put together a couple of years ago, so the posts are already written. 🙂

    Thanks for the offer though; I appreciate how well read you are!

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