One of my somewhat unusual practices is that I walk laps around the auditorium in the church building while reading for school, or in sermon or lesson preparation, studying Greek or Hebrew vocabulary words, or talking or texting on my phone. I started this back in April 2013, and although I admit that it probably looks a little weird when you see me doing it, it is something I enjoy because the exercise is good for me and it also helps me to better focus on what I am reading/studying.

Each lap around the auditorium is approximately 74 yards. In 2013 I walked a total of 5,608 laps, which amounts to a total distance of 235.8 miles. As I mentioned in my report at the start of 2014, that is basically the equivalent of traveling from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Kansas City, Missouri on foot. In 2014, I walked a total of 10,497 laps, or 441.4 miles, which got me from Kansas City, Missouri to the outskirts of Joliet, Illinois.

In 2015, I didn’t make it quite as far as I did the previous year, but I came close:

Total Laps in 2014: 9,774

Distance per Lap: approximately 74 yards

Total Distance: 411.0 miles

So, in 2013 I walked from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Kansas City, Missouri, and in 2014, I headed toward Chicago, Illinois and almost got there, stopping just short of Joliet. In 2015, I made it through Chicago, and continued walking on to Cleveland, Ohio (see map above).

I wasn’t too disappointed that my 2015 total was less than my 2014 total, because in 2015, I started working out in the mornings 3-4 times per week, which meant that I was often tired in the office and not as interested in walking. I was actually pleasantly surprised that I got as close to my 2014 total as I did. Still, my goal for 2016 is to pass the 10,000 lap milestone again.