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2016 Blog Review

Not every year, but often, I do year-end reviews here on The Doc File, so I thought I would do that briefly today, before moving on to other topics and posts.

Frankly, I did not blog as much in 2016 as I’d hoped, because life got in the way in a multitude of ways. For a few reasons, I do have good reason to hope that that will change in 2017, but we will see.

Here were the top 5 most popular posts of 2016, by traffic:

  1. Hypocrisy’s Tribute and Donald Trump, February 25, 2016
  2. After the Election: A Plea for Christians, November 7, 2016
  3. Myths about Homosexuality, America, and the Kingdom of God, October 2, 2014
  4. The Emergence of Ancient Israel in the Land of Canaan, December 10, 2015
  5. What’s Wrong with Youth Ministers? Some Common (and often Legitimate) Criticisms, September 7, 2016

I am actually not a very political person, so it is perhaps interesting that my top two posts were both political in nature. However, that was the reality of 2016: the Presidential Election dominated everything. The first post voiced a prophetic opposition to the character of Donald Trump.  Many ministers and Christian leaders joined me in that opposition; some did not. The second was a plea for Christians to do more to impact the world in the ways they care about than simply casting a vote (which really doesn’t do much), and to not let politics divide believers. I felt (and still feel) good about both writings.

The “Myths” post is by far the most popular post I have ever written, and it continues to generate traffic despite my not having shared it this year. The research paper on theories regarding the Emergence of Ancient Israel in Canaan was a pleasant surprise for me, and the youth ministry post reflected something I thought was important, and I was glad that others thought so as well.

Last year at this time, I was disappointed that I only wrote 26 posts in 2015, and I hoped to do better in 2016. And I did! I wrote 27 times. 🙂

I did not do particularly well in following through on the plans I had made in 2016, with the exception that I did manage to write more about youth ministry. My goals for 2017 are similar to last year’s: I would like to write more often, an on a variety of topics that interest me greatly, including (but not limited to) youth ministry, Bible study, the practice of living as salt and light in a dark world, and the American Restoration (or Stone-Campbell) Movement.

I want to close by thanking everyone who reads The Doc File for doing so. It is always amazing to me and very humbling when I travel somewhere and meet someone who tells me that they enjoy reading my blog. My blog serves as a space for me to work out my thoughts on given issues, but I share it publicly so others can benefit from it. Thanks so much to those who read and are a constant source of encouragement to me.


  1. M Bailey


    Keep up the good work! I always enjoy reading your post, no matter how often they come. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and teachings!


    • Luke

      Thanks, Marion!

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