In April 2013, I started walking laps around the church auditorium while studying or reading. I found this helped me to focus better (read: stay awake), and also it was a good way to be a little less sedentary while at work.

Each lap around the auditorium is approximately 74 yards. In 2013 I walked a total of 5,608 laps, which amounts to a total distance of 235.8 miles. As I mentioned in my report at the start of 2014, that is basically the equivalent of traveling from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Kansas City, Missouri on foot. In 2014, I walked a total of 10,497 laps, or 441.4 miles, which got me from Kansas City, Missouri to the outskirts of Joliet, Illinois. In 2015, I walked 9,774 laps, of 411.0 miles, which got me all the way to Cleveland, Ohio.

This year was a little bit strange, in that we built a new (larger) auditorium at our church, and so part of the time I walked around the old auditorium, and part of the time around the new one. Still, for consistency’s sake, I converted new auditorium laps to their equivalent in the older, smaller auditorium.

My goal for the year was to eclipse the 10,000 lap mark again, but I didn’t even come close to this:

Total Laps in 2016: 7,288

Distance per Lap: approximately 74 yards

Total Distance in 2016: 306.4 miles

Total Distance to date: 1394.6 miles

So, in 2016, I left Cleveland, Ohio, walked through Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and made it just past Hagerstown, Maryland (that might sound like a random location, but I am heading to Washington D.C.).

I was disappointed in the drop-off in my mileage this past year, but I still walked over 300 miles while at work, which is certainly a healthy practice. My disappointment is also mitigated by the knowledge that I suffered a significant leg injury in June, and this cut into my totals during the summer. In 2017, I again hope to accumulate 10,000+ laps: I have fewer grad school classes this year, which could lead to less reading time, but I also have a bunch of theology/ministry books that I have been wanting to read for some time and haven’t been able to. So it will be interesting to see how I do.