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Research shows that a lot of our young people walk away from their faith after high school, and what’s worse, research also indicates that many of the things that we have traditionally done in youth ministry are actually weakening the ties that young people have to the church rather than strengthening them.

In Youth In Family Ministry, I take an in-depth look at the current crisis in youth ministry, examine in detail what Scripture says about passing faith on to the next generation, and also suggest practical ways that this can be done. Youth In Family Ministry is a short read, is thoroughly researched and footnoted, and is filled with important information.

This is an important project to me because I deeply believe in the importance of helping our young people develop a faith that will stick with them throughout their lives. It is my hope that it be read widely so these ideas can spread and more and more churches can practice youth ministry in what I believe is a more biblically-grounded and, ultimately, better way.

What People Are Saying

“If you are serious about helping young people to take ownership of their faith and to grow up as active parts of your local congregation, then you need to read this book.”

MARK ADAMS, Preaching Minister, Kings Crossing Church of Christ (TX)

“Dockery shows that while statistics differ in specifics, study after study shows that a startling number of young Christians leave their faith after graduating high school. He proposes that age segregation in the church is a major culprit of this exodus. Students leave their faith behind once they enter adulthood because they were never deeply integrated with the adults at church to begin with.

He proposes that the biblical responsibility for the spiritual formation of the younger generation lies with both the physical family and the faith family, working together to incorporate them into the life of the church.

Dockery gets very specific exactly when I want him to. He gives practical ideas for engaging kids in the life of the church, itemizes the reasons they leave the church, and so on. Youth ministry is so important and so far outside my area of expertise that I came in hoping for nuts and bolts, and that’s what I got.”

PARKER BULLARD, Minister, Poncha Springs Church of Christ (CO)

“Dockery has done an excellent job putting together relevant research on why teens walk away from their faith and how this can be addressed through better youth in family ministry. He discusses to the challenges of post-high school life for many teens and points to the need to age integration in our churches, among other things, as a way to encourage Christian teens to stay connected to a church and to their faith. Dockery has given us in ministry a great resource filled with research on adolescent behavior and development, scriptural study, and practical insight from his years as a youth minister.”

KEVIN BURR, Minister, Nicholasville Church of Christ (KY)

“Youth in Family Ministry: A Handbook is an essential resource for anyone in youth ministry. Luke Dockery has taken more than a decade of experience and his academic training and condensed it into a short, accessible book that lays the case for Youth in Family Ministry as a ministry philosophy, while offering practical advice as to how that looks in practice.”

JARED PACK, Deacon, Farmington Church of Christ (AR)