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Hey, I am Luke Dockery; welcome to my blog! I suppose Dockerys have been called “Doc” for generations, and that nickname provides the title for this blog. The Doc File is basically my online journal—a collection of my musings, reactions, and rants on a variety of subjects, but primarily focusing on biblical studies, ministry, and theology, with a special emphasis on:

  • Helping Christians to live as salt and light in the world
  • The theory and practice of youth ministry
  • Faith in the face of evil and suffering in the world
  • History and theology related to the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement

I hope you enjoy and are challenged by what you read, and encourage your feedback and comments.

In addition to being the author of The Doc File, I am blessed to serve as the Youth In Family Minister at the Cloverdale Church of Christ, where I have been since June 2019. Prior to that, I was the Associate Minister of the Farmington Church of Christ for 13 years. I am a seminary graduate, and the Director of Deeper Youth Ministry. I have been married to my beautiful wife Caroline for since 2006. We have an awesome daughter, Kinsley, who is eight years old, has special needs, and is a delight to everyone who knows her, and a remarkable son, Seth, who became a part of our lives through embryo adoption and was born in August 2016.

I love to play ultimate frisbee, I am a huge sports fan (particularly of the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Atlanta Braves, and Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal), and I also enjoy reading and traveling. I enjoy writing as well, and like a lot of people, I suffer from the delusion that my insights are, well, insightful, and maybe even worth reading. Thus, this blog.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are mine alone, and are not intended to represent my wife, my family, the church family that employs me, or anyone else.


  1. James Cooke

    Good evening, Luke! Just found a comment about your blog in the grad school paper and was browsing through it a minute ago. Question: are you kin to Jim Dockery? He was a professor of speech at Henderson Univ., many moons ago, when we both lived and worked in Arkadelphia, AR. I have wanted to get in touch with him again to catch up on what has been happening. ‘Preciate any help you can throw my way. Jim

    • Luke

      Sorry for the slow response—somehow I just now became aware of your comment.
      I am related to Jim, though to be honest, I’m not exactly sure how! He lives in Little Rock now, and you can look him up on Facebook.
      Blessings to you!

  2. kyle white

    Writing a paper on the young king Josiah. The only taint that I can find of him not being the perfect king. Is in his death, could he have been listening and obeying God by not letting the Egyptians cross into the homelands of the Israelites. That might go back to the Moses covenant with God?

    • Luke

      Hey Kyle,

      I assume your comment is based on the paper on Josiah I wrote which is found here ( My overall view in that paper on the question you raise takes the Chronicles account at face value that Josiah ignores YHWH’s command (from the lips of Neco) in order to score a strategic military victory and dies a premature death as a result.

      Whether or not Josiah truly believed that Neco had a word from YHWH or what his motivations really were, the biblical accounts do not tell us. Perhaps it is as you suggest, but the Chronicler certainly sees this as a “taint” on Josiah.

  3. Steve Triplett

    I would like to receive notice of new posts to your blog. Is there a FB page associated with your blog? Thanks…Steve

    • Luke


      I intend to start a FB page, but haven’t yet. However, at the bottom of the comment form below the “post comment” button, there is a box you can check which says “notify me of new posts by email.” That should work for what you’re looking for.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Marsha Swim

    Would like to continue reading blog. Thanks

    • Luke

      Thanks Marsha, please do!

  5. Luke Dockery

    Hi, My name is Luke Dockery as well, haha. I stumbled upon your website and wanted to let you know that I love your passion and I am fascinated with your journey. You are doing the Luke Dockery’s of the world proud. Keep at it and keep serving the lord.

    • Luke

      Hey Luke, thanks for the comment! We Luke Dockerys have to stick together, lol. God bless!

  6. Gabe Silva

    Hey, Luke! How can I subscribe for your blog! I love it!

    • Luke

      Thanks, Gabe, you are too kind!

      A window should pop up after a while when you are reading an article, and you can fill out your email address and get added that way.

      Or, I think I can add you manually. Do you want me to use that pacificdrilling email that you used when commenting here?

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