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Friday Summary Report, August 24

(1) After having a couple of weeks of relative calm as summer wrapped up, things have started to get busy again as my grad school classes for the fall semester have started up. My struggles studies in Greek continue, as this semester I take a course with a heavy emphasis on translating readings from the New Testament, and I’m also in a Global Evangelism class.
(2) Things have also been busy at work, as, in addition to regular duties and the start of my classes, I preached last week, am preaching again this week, and have also had various tasks to do to help with preparations for our upcoming year of Thursday Bible School.
(3) Here is an interesting report on the demographics of social network users. Did you know that the average age of Facebook users is over 40 (and getting older!)? Meanwhile, the average age of Twitter users is 37, and is getting increasingly younger. A lot of other interesting information is in the linked article.
(4) I’ve thought for some time that natural evidences for the existence of God don’t do much to convince people who aren’t already believers. Basically, if you already have your mind made up that God doesn’t exist, then you can look at countless examples from nature that scream Intelligent Design to the rest of us (believers) and find some other ways to explain it. But, if you, like me, find that “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork” (Psalm 19.1), then you’ll enjoy this article on Why Giraffes Don’t Have Brain Damage. The complexity and wonder of God’s creation never ceases to amaze me!
(5) The big news from the world of sports is that Lance Armstrong has decided to quit fighting the doping allegations that have been made against him for years (while maintaining his innocence), and that he will likely have his 7 Tour de France titles stripped from him as a result. I don’t know whether Lance is guilty or not, but I do know that he has been tested constantly for years without ever failing a test, and that there are a lot of people who have been working obsessively to try and tear down his legacy. He might be as guilty as he can be, but there are a lot of elements to the saga that resemble a witch hunt.

Observation #14

At some point in my Facebook life, I decided that as a matter of principle, I would not unfriend (or is it defriend?) anyone. This is a decision that I regret.


Funny Things You See On Facebook: Christian Counseling

The sidebar of my facebook page is always cluttered with advertisements which are supposed to be relevant to me in some way, but never actually are. They are, however, occasionally a source of great humor.
Today one of the ads was encouraging me to get my Christian Counseling degree (in as little as one year!). That’s not so strange I guess, but I was a little surprised by the choice of picture used to illustrate such a degree program—what appears to be the back of a leg tattooed with a picture of Jesus.
I haven’t taken any counseling classes yet as part of my degree program, so I confess to being ignorant here—is getting a Jesus calf tattoo part of the degree program, or is the tattoo something that the counselor suggests to his client as part of the counseling process?
Any assistance you could give me would be appreciated.

UPDATE: However the tattoos are used in the context of counseling, apparently it is also acceptable for them to be on the back of the neck.

Facebook Theology

First person’s status:

“Drop kick me Jesus through the goal posts of life.”

Second person’s comment:

“Jesus doesn’t kick field goals bro. He goes for the touchdown on 4th down, he makes it, and then he goes for the freakin’ sweet 2 points afterwards.”

There’s actually something significant there, I think.

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