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Free Resources

Below are some free ministry resources that are available for download:

  • The Youth Ministry Documents are taken from documents that I used in youth ministry at the Farmington Church of Christ.
  • The Devotionals and Bible Class Material are resources that I have developed teaching teenagers and adults in a variety of settings.
  • You are welcome (and encouraged!) to use them in your ministry and/or teaching, but please do not distribute them without permission or present them without doing any study on your own.

Youth Ministry Documents

Essential Elements of Youth Ministry (PDF):  This short booklet offers a foundational look at the necessary components of effective youth ministry (at least, as I see it). Please feel free to use this in any way that would be helpful to your own practice of youth ministry, and pass it on to others (but let them know where it came from).


Youth In Family Ministry Expectations (PDF): This document outlines the rules and behavior standards we expect from the students in our youth ministry. Rules may not be exciting, but they are a necessary component of youth ministry, and seek to ensure that our young men and women act according to the standards of Christ.


Youth In Family Ministry Structures (PDF): This document describes the different components of our youth ministry, the basic goals of what we try to accomplish with our young people, a yearly calendar of our major youth ministry events, and a description of other complementary programs at our church that come alongside and support our Youth In Family Ministry.


Gideon’s 300 (PDF): How could a tiny army of Israelite farmers defeat a vastly superior army when a similarly small group of world-class Spartan warriors failed to do so?

If God Is For Us (PDF): The words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 8.31-39 are incredibly encouraging. As the Bible shows over and over again, with God on our side, we overwhelmingly conquer.

Josiah: Obedience With No Hope Of Reward (PDF): Do we serve God because we love Him, or because we are hoping to get something out of it?

The Danger of Demas (PDF): A closer look at the little-known New Testament character of Demas, and the way in which Satan can draw us away from our devotion to Jesus, a little at a time.

The Tongue is a Fire (PDF): James says that the tongue is a fire, capable of great damage. How will we use our tongues? To destroy others, or to honor God?

What Will Your Tombstone Say? (PDF): This devotional focuses on the idea of legacy, and compares the legacies of Enoch (Genesis 5), and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Cap Anson.

Worth It In The End (PDF): Scripture promises that the Christian life will be full of struggles and trials. It also promises that it will all be worth it.

Bible Class Material for Teens

Gossip (Keynote, PDF): A lesson on the often overlooked sin of gossip. Includes a quiz to help students determine how big of a problem gossip is for them and discussion on what gossip is, why it is so damaging, and how we should react to it.

Think About It-Pleasing to God (PDF): A discussion-based class which emphasizes that, in order to be pleasing to God, our faith should influence all aspects of our lives.

Worship: What’s It All About? (Keynote, PDF): This is a six-lesson series on the worship of the Body of Christ. Each lesson includes illustrations, a look at Scripture, and discussion questions.

Bible Class Material for Adults

The Story of the Bible (Old Testament, New Testament): This was an 18-month study that our adult Bible classes went through at Farmington based off of videos from The Bible Project.


  1. Kelly Sinkbeil

    I couldn’t open your Bible Class material for Teens – the Keynote items. Not sure what software is needed.

    • Luke

      Hey Kelly!

      Keynote is the Apple equivalent of Powerpoint, and so you will need that program to open it. Maybe I can convert the files into a .ppt or images; I should have done that before!

  2. John B. Lankford

    When I was in fayetteville, I had a friend and Bible teacher named Tom Dockery. I even helped paint his house inside. How are you kin to him? Was so sorry when I heard he died in a plane crash.

    • Luke


      Tom Dockery was my uncle (my dad’s oldest brother). Unfortunately, he passed away in the accident before I was born, so I never got to know him, but have heard good things about him my entire life.

  3. Frank Mancuso

    Luke, read your very good writing on Elihu. Many of the conclusions you reach are similar to the one’s I am reaching while writing an in depth article on Job, God, Satan, friends of Job, and their interactions. I will mention your work.

    I wanted to know if I can sign up and receive notice of any new blogs or articles. I assume you are continuing to post them. (Just saw the clickable notice at the end for emails. Thanks!)

    • Luke

      Hey Frank, thanks for your kind words.

      I checked, and it looks like you successfully subscribed to the blog, so you should get email notifications when I post new material. Thanks for reading!

  4. Casey McDonald

    Thanks for your work in the kingdom, brother. I appreciate you making these resources available for use. What a blessing to the church!

    • Luke

      Hey Casey, thanks for your kind words, bro! Feel free to use these—I hope they are helpful.

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