I’m in the process of reading Fit For The Pulpit: The Preacher & His Challenges, which covers several topics that preachers deal with in ministry (time, stress, criticism, family, etc.). I may or may not write a review when I finish the book, but I wanted to go ahead and share some really good words on worry (emphasis is mine):

“1. Worry is irreverent. It fails to recognize that God is still on his throne and works in the lives of his children (cf. Rom. 8:28).

2. Worry is irresponsible. It wastes energy and burdens us so that we cannot be engaged in constructive and creative problem solving.

3. Worry is irrelevant. It cannot change anything. It has been estimated that 50% of the things we worry about never happen, that 30% are about the past which we cannot change, that 12% are too petty to affect the future, and that just 8% legitimately deserve our concern.”


In addition to the characteristics of worry mentioned above, for me worrying is also easy, which is why I found these reminders to be so helpful.