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New eBook: Youth In Family Ministry: A Handbook

I am excited to announce the completion of a project that I have worked on for the last couple of years. Youth In Family Ministry: A Handbook is the culmination of years of research and personal experience, and sets forth a model of youth ministry that, I believe, is both biblical and effective.

Research shows that a lot of our young people walk away from their faith after high school, and what’s worse, research also indicates that a lot of the things that we have traditionally done in youth ministry are actually weakening the ties that young people have to the church rather than strengthening them.

In Youth In Family Ministry: A HandbookI take an in-depth look at the current crisis in youth ministry, examine in detail what Scripture says about passing faith on to the next generation, and also suggest practical ways that this can be done. The book is about 100 pages long, and is thoroughly researched and footnoted, and is filled with important information.

This ebook releases in two weeks, on Wednesday, November 15, but you can pre-order your copy here.

I believe this is an important project, because I deeply believe in the importance of helping our young people to develop a faith that will stick with them throughout their lives. I would love for it to be read widely so these ideas can spread and more and more churches can practice youth ministry in what I believe is a more biblically-grounded and, ultimately, better way.

There are two big ways you can help:

(1) Buy the book. 🙂

(2) Spread the word. Share this post, and tell others you know who you think might be interested. I think it is an important resource for youth ministers, church leaders, youth group volunteers, parents, and more.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support!

Harding Lectures Audio Files

unnamedLast month, I had the honor of taking part in the Harding Lectureship. Several people who were unable to attend the Lectureship have asked me if there is a way to hear my presentations, and there is! You can click on the links below to listen to the lectures:

You can listen to a variety of other presentations from this year’s lectureship by going here.

Free Resource: Youth In Family Ministry Handbook

Youth In Family Ministry Handbook CoverLast week I had the honor of speaking at the Harding University Bible Lectureship. On Monday, I presented three lectures on “Youth In Family Ministry”, which is a youth ministry model that emphasizes the importance of the physical family unit and the faith family (the local church) when it comes to passing on faith to our children.

This is the youth ministry model that we are trying to implement and follow at Farmington, and to help with that, this year I started working on a Youth In Family Ministry Handbook to use and distribute at church to help people learn more about our youth ministry and why we do what we do.

That (lengthy) project is now completed, and I wanted to share it with you.

If you work in youth ministry (as a youth minister, youth deacon, youth committee member, etc.), are interested in youth ministry, or are a parent interested how best to pass on faith to your kids, I think this will be a helpful resource. Although it is geared specifically toward what we are doing at our congregation, it contains a lot of research about young people leaving the church and why that happens, what the Bible teaches about discipling young people, and other helpful information as well.

You can download a PDF of the Youth In Family Ministry Handbook by going to the Free Resources page.

Harding University Bible Lectureship


This Sunday begins the Harding University Bible Lectureship, and I am honored to have the opportunity to take part.

On Monday, I will be presenting three lectures on youth ministry at 9AM, 10AM, and 3PM:

  • Youth In Family Ministry, Part 1: The Current Crisis in Youth Ministry
  • Youth In Family Ministry, Part 2: The Physical Family, the Faith Family, and the Spiritual Formation of Young People
  • Youth In Family Ministry, Part 3: Crafting a Family-Based Youth Ministry in the Congregation

On Tuesday, I will have the opportunity to speak in both student chapels.

If you’re at the lectureship, I would love to catch up or to see you in class!

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